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Osho mp3 - Tao The Three Treasures

Tao The Three Treasures Vol. 1-Vol. 4

Total Time 56H 42M


Disc 1
Vol. 1 Absolute Tao 15h 14m
Vol. 2 Living Tao 14h 26m

Disc 2
Vol. 3 Undone Tao 14h 08m
Vol. 4 Talking Tao 12h 54m

In his series of talks, Tao: The Three Treasures, Osho embraces Lao Tzu’s insights from the Tao Te Ching and combines them with his own experience and understanding. This has the effect of leading the listener into the world of Lao Tzu while bringing Lao Tzu and his experiences of truth into our time.
Two MP3 CDs are included in this set that comprises over 50 hours of talks!

Osho mp3 - Ah This!

On Zen
Complete Series of Eight Talks - Total Time 13H 11M

"The great miracle of Zen is the transformation of the mundane into the sacred. Zen goes beyond Buddha and beyond Lao Tzo. It is a culmination, a transcendence, both of the Indian genius and of the Chinese genius."
Zen stories serve as a starting point for several talks in the series, illuminating the nature of that rare and precious human capacity to transcend the limits of the rational mind. In alternating talks, Osho responds to questions from listeners about how these insights can be applied to everyday challenges and life concerns.

Track Title
1. The Heart of Knowing is Now
2. Neti Neti
3. I am Higher
4. Dying into the Master
5. See Right at Once
6. Try it My Way
7. Take No Notice
8. Not knowing Is The Most Intimate

Osho mp3 - The Heart Sutra

On Buddha
Complete Series of Ten Talks - Total Time 16H 18M

"… these are the most important sutras in the great Buddhist literature. Hence they are called The Heart Sutra; it is the very heart of the Buddhist message."
In this series of talks Osho introduces his audience to Gautama the Buddha and his great contribution to the development of human consci-ousness and the science of meditation. Each talk examines an excerpt from the classic Buddhist text known as the ´Heart Sutra`. With his unique ability to translate ancient and often obscure language into fresh and contemporary terms, Osho brings Buddha’s teachings to life and shows how they are even more relevant today than they were in Buddha’s time. His responses to questions from the audience further illuminate the ways in which Buddha’s message of pure awareness can inform and enrich every aspect of our everyday lives.

Track Title
1. The Buddha Within
2. Surrender is Understanding
3. Negation of Knowledge
4. Understanding: The Only Law
5. The Frangrance of Nothingness
6. Don’t Be Too Sane
7. What Is Meditation
8. The Path of Intelligence
9. Gone,Gone,Gone Beyond
10. Sannya: Entering the Stream

Also available as book here!